Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day to day life her at the Ridge

Well, the end of day 2, I was too exausted last night to blog sorry My first day I was pretty stoked to start. Breakfast was great and we headed into the vans up to Snow Canyon, everybody out and ready to go. There was a ton of guides with us and everybody began as it is timed. I started out at a pretty good pace and did well until about mile 3 when I began to feel really fatigued. But, I kept truckin and pushing through the pain finally making it to the STOP SIGN. 1hour 19 min. Not too shabby . We had to hike until 10:30 am no matter what time you got to the stop sign so I hiked out to a scenic view point and back to the stop sign. I drank 50 oz. of water along the way as to not get dehydrated. It was also chilly when we started but by about half way needed to take off a layer of clothes. I don't use a camelback, I have a backpack with 3 water bottles and some extra stuff in it, camera, chap stick, phone, gloves, hat etc... Then a stretching class which felt really good. I need to stretch every day! It can really help your muscles. Then lunch was yummy. A stretching basics class, step-n-pump, pool time which totally caught me off guard. I was breathing so hard and was so tired we were playing a game and our time was almost over so I though I would go for it and really swim hard to get the football and I got a cramp in my calf that about drown me! I was able to get out of the pool and one of the trainers helped me rub it out. They got me some sea salt to eat and they told me to take some electrolytes. I was feeling better but couldn't get back in the pool. Then circuit training, dinner and then a lecture on spending your calories wisely. Finally to my room, I have a great roommate named Zeina, she is from London. She has been here for 5 weeks and has 3 weeks left. She is doing great. Today I wend on the hike 101 and decided I needed a little more challenge. Then a free weight lecture and lunch. I had a headache that was getting worse and after lunch was really bad so I talked to the trainer and I headed to my room to lay down. Crashed for an hour and a half and was awakened by the phone, it was the trainer John checking to see why I missed the cardio training. They keep good tabs on you. I felt much better and headed to the rest of class and then Total toning then dinner. Final lecture on spending your calories part 2 and then I watched the new season opener of The Biggest Loser. Wow, those are some huge people. It is so sad when someone has to go the first day. This will be an amazing
season. Well it's late and I'm really tired. More again later.

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Quest

This photo of Blake & I was taken in October 2007, we had just become grandparents to a beautiful little boy name Trayden and I was worried that I couldn't keep up. I was a young Grandma and was excited for all the fun things I was going to be able to do as a grandma. Trayden is 29 months old tomorrow and I struggle to get up off the floor after playing with him! I am saddened to think I have let myself go this far! I am starting the 2010 year with a quest to re-define who I am. I look forward to a future of healthy active living with my family. I will leave Sunday morning from Mapleton, Utah and drive 3 1/2 hours south to The Biggest Loser Resort @ Fitness Ridge in Ivans, Utah. I have struggled with my weight for the past 20 yrs. On a rollercoaster ride of fad diets cleanses and pills, trying to find a short cut to healthy eating and good old exercise! The only outcome to ever be achieved was the yo-yo effect of dropping 20 and gaining 25 and so on. To where I am today the heaviest I have ever been. My husband Blake and I have always been active outdoors but have never had a habit of exercise. One time we had booked a trip to Hawaii and had almost a year to get our bodies ready for the fun in the sun. We committed to going to the gym every morning at 5:30 am 5 days a week and Sat. at 8am. We did this for almost 10 months straight. We looked awesome for our trip and had a great time. We snorkeled, snooba dived, rode bikes down the volcano, hiked a mile in to a bamboo forest, swam in the hidden pools and dove off rock cliffs. We had an amazing time, came home and never went back to the gym!! I put all the weight back on and more within the year. How does that happen? I wish someone could tell me. I hope to spend the next 4 weeks figuring that exact thing out! Why I do what I do to myself. I know I deserve to be healthy and happy, so this quest I am on is to become just that, healthy & happy with MYSELF!! I have to thank Blake for supporting me in everything I do and allowing me to leave him and my job for this time for "me"! Thanks, I Love You